Dienstag, 3. November 2015

My Penny Dreadful photoshoot

After this totally crazy Halloween week I have a bit of time today to present you the results of my Penny Dreadful photoshoot with the amazing Neil Kendall of Chester!
Neil specializes in vintage style photography and is very well-known in the burlesque scene. He worked with many international stars and has a very unique style! If you want to see more of his work have a look at his website!

Ready? Here we go!! This set was custom built for our shoot - I asked to go for a seance-vibe, so here I am tarot-reading in my victorian parlour!
Hair and makeup were done by me as I don't really like other people doing it for me! I was planning to go for 1890s hair, but it was a bad hair day! lol

This is probably my favourite shot!

And another one in full colour, just to show you how vibrant this looked in real life:

 As you can see we ended up telling the story of how the seance goes wrong. ;)

I also purchased a lovely little scorpion necklace to go with the theme from Elegant Curiosities, zooming in here for you so you can actually see this:

 Soooo dramatic!

And here's one with a different outfit and setting - step inside my victorian brothel! :D

This is only a small selection though, I received a folder with over 40 images from the shoot. It was a lovely experience working with someone so creative!

And I guess that's all folks! Hope you enjoyed this! :)

All costumes designed and made by me for Odelia Opium Costumes, shoes by Bordello.

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